About Me

Elizabeth Gall

I am a professional wedding planner who specialises in London, Surrey and Kent weddings and civil partnerships but who also works internationally in cities such as New York.

My Background

Before I trained as a wedding planner, I spent more than 10 years as a senior manager in the banking sector – which has given me a firm knowledge and experience of leading large teams of people to work together and of managing substantial, logistically complex projects, not to mention keeping you within your budget!.

I would say that wedding planning discovered me, rather than the other way around.  Busy friends asked me to organise some weddings, parties and christenings and before I knew it a new career beckoned.   I decided then to study the business formally to gain my professional qualifications and went on to launch Simply Elegant.

There are many wedding planners to choose from but I would consider my particular strength the individuality I offer to each client and my approachability.  The most important thing is that you are happy with your day and feel that I have given you exactly the occasion you wanted.

What To Expect From Simply Elegant

Every couple is unique to me and every wedding day is different.  My aim is to establish a rapport between us, bringing a confident, calm style to the occasion and impeccable attention to detail.

I specialise in planning beautiful weddings for couples looking for a professional touch to their day and have developed an array of different services which I believe will provide the guidance, inspiration and support that most couples need – and every single service can be matched to individual circumstances.

Awards & Credentials

  • Member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) – a mark of excellent, training and professionalism in the wedding industry of which in November 2011 I became the second planner nationwide to attain level two full membership within the UKAWP.

Code of Ethics of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

  • Respond to enquiries with 48 hours
  • Respect client confidentiality
  • Disclose all suppliers that they have a vested interest in
  • Always pass discounts and/or commission onto the client
  • Ensure their Public Liability insurance is up to date
  • Never give client details to any third party unless for the sole purpose of the wedding
  • Respect copyright of all planners, co-ordinators and related suppliers
  • Represent each client fairly and honestly
  • Use legally sound business contracts with clients

To arrange an informal chat or to find out more, please contact me.